Thursday, September 02, 2004

House on the Lake

Well, my husband and I have found our dream house on a lake on the central Oregon coast. The poor thing has seen better days, but we are in the process of remodeling her to her former glory. She is open beam, with cedar walls. We would like her to look like a lakeside lodge when finished. We have torn out the kitchen, torn out the bathrooms, and taken apart walls. We have never done this before, and it is full of trials and tribulations. There were leaks in the roof, that resulted in dry rot inside the walls. There was a 1970's kitchen with awful old vinyl flooring, which took me a week of chiseling to remove.
This week they started to put a new roof on her, and wouldn't you rained! With half the roof torn off, we were running around with buckets and plastice trying to catch all the water coming in. My husband and I are going to attempt to install a new shower in the bath this week. Gosh I wish we knew what we were doing!



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